CMMS for Maintenance Service Users

Easy adoption for all levels of users

Digitalization of Maintenance Management

- Integrate assets within a single maintenance schedule
- Direct communication and information relay to vendors
- Automated paperless records
- Transparent & honest maintenance activity record for both parties
- Direct online payment within the app
- Complies with ISO9001 annual assessment

Asset Performance Analysis

- Assets’ overall maintenance cost evaluation
- Accurate machine downtime record
- Service time for each maintenance job is record-ed automatically by system
- A build-in template to generate OEE report

Market #1st Vendor Automation

- Seamless maintenance experience with vendors
- Service time from “Clock-in and out” via Reams ™ Tag
- Response time from technician responding time to your maintenance request
- Quality Rating from app’s rating system for each service job done.


*T&C apply with vendor onboarding programme​

-  Cloud-based solution (no requirement on net-working/hardware)
- BYOD – using employees’ own mobile phone
- Easy-to-use (Role-based UI/UX)
– Minimal-to-none training required

Get started on your facility maintenance with a 

Cloud-Based CMMS App