CMMS for Maintenance Service Providers

Efficiently manage your clients' maintenance request

Real-Time Data Access

The Reams CMMS app allows field-technicians to access business and consumer data in real-time, anytime and anywhere. It also provides the technician with all of the historical service data and information needed. Plus, the app facilitates real-time communication with your customers, which is a pre-requisite for a ‘proactive’ field-service management organization.

Enhanced Productivity 

Improved communication and knowledge-sharing between field technicians and clients promotes a more effective coordination, which then results in enhanced productivity. It can also help with directing specific tasks to specific technicians, as per their areas of expertise ​

Better Insights

Stay on top of your service performance with our Reports tab. Reams enables you to capture and analyse all aspects of your service technicians' performance, sales records and product performance.

Improving Customer Service & Satisfaction

The clock-in/out feature within the app allows close monitoring over the technicians' response speed toward each and every work order received. A streamlined workforce, built-in vendor rating system will restrict the frequency of delay in the scheduled work delivery.

Swift Invoicing

Service technicians send all the job-related information such as time spent, tools and materials used, change of work status, and even job result photos. The Reams CMMS system automatically generates the invoices quickly to calculate the price, identifies the products available under warranty, outstanding commitments, and discounts.

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